Come Build The Web With Us!

We are looking for a few good engineers to help build a better web, and to maybe crack open a few beers with us when we're done.

Who you are

You may think we're hiring you for your skill-set, but we are actually hiring you for that big sexy brain. Cloudspace engineers are never done learning, and as one of them, you won't either. Our weekly training sessions will keep you sharp while our client demands will push you into new technologies. If you're eager to be taught, we are eager to teach.

Feel like you've got a really great handle on a specific technology? Great! Teach us all about it! Set up a training session with the managers and put your teachin' cap on. We want that knowledge in our brains and yours! Cloudspace's open office also adds to the knowledge sharing. It's not uncommon to hear someone shout from the corner "Hey, does anyone know of a good ordering gem that works with multiple scopes?", "Who is up for Taco Tuesdays?", or "Has anyone used update_all to cut down on the number of queries when updating many records with the same data?". Shout out the answer if you know it, perk your ears up if you don't.

An added bonus of our open office plan is the ability to blow off steam with your fellow engineers. What does that mean? Two words my friends, Nerf War. Does yelling "Batman could totally take Ironman in a fight!" while shooting neon green foam discs at your coworkers sound uninteresting to you? If so, this is probably not the office for a person of your discernible tastes.

Why you want to work here

Cloudspace is run by engineers, so you'll never be asked "Can you download the list of Facebook users?" -- we've all been there ourselves. As such, we have created a workspace optimized for engineers. Here are a few of our super sweet perks:

  • Full-time engineers are given a quad-core MacBook Pro to work from (Actually, we work from virtual machines running Ubuntu to match the staging and production environments...but we run those virtual machines on MacBook Pros)
  • Cubicle free environment! Great for Chatty Cathies
  • Private offices! Great for Silent Sallies
  • 18 vacation/sick days a year (earned on a month to month basis the first year)
  • Health, Vision and Dental coverage
  • Breakfast every Friday morning
  • Random lunches on us
  • Whiskey Wednesdays
  • Beer 'o' Clock on Fridays
  • Quarterly Day Trips! Laser Tag, Bowling and Batman movies have dominated in the past. Care to suggest something new?

What's available

No openings at this time