Seven One Pattern

- Chris McLean

The Seven One Pattern

Organizing CSS is often an absolute nightmare for a backend developer. Let me guess, you just jumped onto a new project and got a request to fix a small layout bug in the UI. The container on the left hand side is now the full length of the page and you don’t know where to start fixing it. You see... Continue reading »

An Introduction To Flux

- Chris McLean

An Introduction To Flux

The JavaScript community likes to come up with new frameworks and patterns as frequent as it rains here in Orlando Florida. Flux is yet another addition to the JS pattern family. Facebook, the recent pushers of this style of development, build their applications this way with React. It’s verbose. It’s direct. It’s a pain to learn, but makes quite a... Continue reading »

Dry Controllers with Ruby on Rails

- Christopher McLean

Dry Controllers with Ruby on Rails

For the past 17 weeks I’ve been on a pretty hefty Ruby on Rails project. The following is a combination of what we did to make our controllers drier on that project and some experimentation I did on some side projects.

Why do your controllers need to be dry? Well keep reading!

How You’re Probably Taught Poorly

... Continue reading »

Mysql2::Client::MULTI_STATEMENTS and abandon_results!

- Michael Orr

If you are using the Mysql2 ruby gem, you have a need to use the Mysql2::Client::MULTI_STATEMENTS flag to enable multiple query statements, and you do not care getting back the results from those queries— then you also need to know about the abandon_results! method. You need to call this method on your mysql connection variable after you issue a query call with multiple statements... Continue reading »

University JavaScript

- Katelyn MacKenzie

Last year we realized that there was a need for Web Development related events over by the UCF and Research Park area to help tie in with the amazing downtown Orlando tech community. So in October 2014 we launched our first ever University JavaScript meetup

What we didn’t realize was the demand for this kind of event was extremely high. Our first JavaScript meetup... Continue reading »


- Chris Moore


Recently, I’ve had a chance to work with Pundit again. I wasn’t wowed with it previously, but I really took notice of it this time around.

What’s it for?

Pundit is an authorization gem. Through the use of Plain Old Ruby Objects (PORO), Pundit allows you to place a slick authorization layer of simple, happy-fun-time Ruby over your... Continue reading »

Cloudspace went to an Orlando City Soccer game

- Katelyn MacKenzie

A few weeks ago on a random Wednesday we decided to do a company outing. We love soccer here at the office so why not take the crew to a Orlando City Soccer game.


What we didn’t expect was a crazy storm came along right as we were all leaving the office. Lightning threatened the game and the rain just dumped... Continue reading »